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Trak Racer - Headquarters

Shop 3, 415 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Phone: (03) 8609 9267 (Australia +61)


Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm AEST


Frequently Asked Questions and Product Support

Who is Trak Racer?
Trak Racer is a consortium of experienced engineers and industrial designers who are passionate about track racing and gaming. We use the best materials available and world best practices to keep production time, and cost to a minimum.

Do Trak Racer products require assembly?
Trak Racer products are shipped out partially assembled to reduce shipping costs. Assembly should not take longer than 30 minutes.

Why a Trak Racer Simulator?
Our sims are designed for computer users that spend many hours in front of computer monitors. Our coclpits help to focus and remiain comfortable for extended periods of time.

How long until my Trak Racer is Shipped out? 

Our products take 1-2 business days to dispatch in normal circumstances.

Are there any other products under development?
We are currently developing a range of general gaming/sound systems and flight simulator, as well as expansion packs for existing products.

Why should I invest in a Trak Racer product?
In a sense using a Trak Racer product is like driving a 8-Cylinder Car compared to a 4-Cylinder. Trak Racer will never focus on selling the cheapest product. We focus on manufacturing the best looking and most functional products that become a show piece of any home, office or showroom. The design is extremely ergonomic, especially when compared to Vision Racer’s VR3 that requires a support between the legs to keep the frame stable and steering wheel supported. Trak Racer moved support to the lower end of the wheel mount to give the gamer complete freedom.

Are Trak Racer products only compatible with PS3?
Trak Racer products are universal to work with PS3, PS2, Xbox and PC systems.

How long will it take me to receive my Trak Racer product once ordered?
Unless otherwise specified, all products will be shipped within 7 days. Due to the popularity of Trak Racer products we may occasional experience stock shortages in which case you will be immediately notified and given the opportunity to cancel your order. Trak Racer will deliver anywhere in the world via air or sea freight – please speak with us about shipping rates and delivery time. Express delivery is available but at an additional cost.

What is Trak Racer’s Return Policy?
If you receive any Trak Racer item and your are not satisfied, simply return it to Trak Racer within 30 days and we will give you a refund (excluding shipping). All goods must be returned in their original packaging and resalable condition. During the warranty period if a part of our product breaks (not including general wear and tear); simply contact Trak Racer to receive Return Authorisation (a photo may be required) then return the part to Trak Racer for a replacement. Please also read our Terms and Conditions page.

What is Trak Racer’s Warranty Policy?
All Trak Racer products are warranted for a minimum of 12 months and up to 5 years on specific parts. Trak Racer products are however designed to last far beyond the warranty period. For all warranty concerns please Contact TR.

Where are Trak Racer products made?
All Trak Racer products have been designed and created in Australia and shared with our manufacturing facilities in Asia. All products are imported under Australian standards and regulations.

Are Trak Racer products easy to store?
Not really but why would you want to hide such a beautiful piece of furniture? If you really need to you can easily dismantle in several of minutes to minimise the size.

I am 6'2" tall and my son is only 5'. Can Trak Racer products be adjusted to suit both of us?
Trak Racer adds adjustable components to accommodate users of all sizes.

Why do Trak Racer products appear to be a little more expensive than other simulator products
Customers select Trak Racer products because they are after a long term investment that has been designed and manufactured with durable materials, timeless design characteristics and automotive engineering in mind. If you invest in a Trak Racer product you will discover the durability and quality is only second to none.

Is a game simulator really necessary?
If you’re a gaming enthusiast who is looking to take their gaming to the next level and develop an absolute obsession for gaming then the answer is YES! If you’re playing your simulation game without a steering wheel, pedals or proper racing seat then you’re really robbing yourself of the full experience that real driving simulation game offer.

Are Trak Racer products comfortable?
All Trak Racer products are designed, developed, tested, improved, redesigned and manufactured. If the seat needs extra padding we add it, if the controls need to be closer, further away or adjusted, we do it. The result is a setup that is strong enough to accommodate anyone’s size and/or weight.

Can i add a Buttkicker to the RS8 Racing Sim?

Got a Trak Racer RS8 and a Butt Kicker? Checkout the following photo for a product hack that allows you to add it to the base of the seat

I cannot add my Logitech G29 Shifter to the Trak Racer RS8

Please remove the 2 screws on the base of the shifter. That clamp is not required after bolting the shifter to our rig


Assembly Manuals