Introducing the FS3 Wheel Stand from Trak Racer

Author: Matt  

Melbourne, Australia, 17 April 2018 – The Trak Racer FS3 Wheel Stand+ is powered by the most innovative wheel mount which features 2-Point Angle/Height adjustment along with a sliding feature to give users the most personalised and comfortable setup.

Since developing the first RS8 Cockpit in 2009, Trak Racer has been responsible for introducing the best valued (and looking) sim racing products on the market. Founder Matt Sten said that constant product improvements based on user feedback is the key driver of Trak Racer’s success.

Functionally, the FS3 Wheel Stand+ encompasses all of the experience built up over the years relating to Sim Racing Frames. As with the other cockpits (RS8, RS6 and Formula models), the FS3 includes Adjustable Wheel Mount, Pedal Mount and Shifter Mount.

A fun fact about the FS3 is that it includes 80 custom-made screws (not including mounting screws for your Wheel, Pedals and Shifter). For easy angle adjustment of the pedals, Trak Racer have designed a clever 2-thread screw which enables you to partially remove the screw for adjustment without completely removing the screw which adds to the convenience of this product.

AussieStig Mark Puch sums the FS3 well by saying “Overall the Trak Racer FS3 wheel stand offers bargain basement sim racing for those wanting to test the waters or simply do not have the room for a full-blown sim racing set up. With no real shortcomings to speak of, the FS3 is a great way to get started in sim racing, one which certainly will not break the bank”. For the full review checkout

If you’re looking for an incredibly low-priced simulator but don’t have the budget for one of Trak Racer’s other simulators like the RS6, RS8, upcoming TR8 or Formula, then you can’t look past the FS3. It’s easily the most adjustable wheel stand on the market and you’ll see that every design characteristic included with the stand has been cleverly thought out and based on several years in the industry.

The stand dynamics were designed for a unique driving experience and to make the stand’s full potential available to all drivers, professional or otherwise. With the Trak Racer FS3, they have applied learnings from the RS6 Cockpit regarding the pedal plate. As a result, the FS3 pedals have been made wider (predominately to fit the new width of Fanatec’s V3 Pedals) and a frame has also been welded to the underside of the pedal mount to dramatically reduce pedal flex. Will from Sim Racing Paddock can be quoted as saying “The pedal plate had no flex in the mount, and that is saying something, considering I was using the Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3, which require heavy braking force.” For the full review and video see


The FS3 has been designed for most peripherals on the market including Thrustmaster, Fanatec (including inverted pedals) and Logitech. Trak Racer also report that some customers are running Direct Drive and OSW Wheels on the FS3! For a full list of compatible Wheels, Pedals, Shifters and Handbrakes that are compatible please check the Trak Racer website.


While designing, Trak Racer kept adjustability, rigidity, versatility and weight as the most important factors; the final result is no let down on any of those attributes.

The materials have a distinctive racing feel with all superfluous elements eliminated. The extensive use of lightweight, exclusive materials such as ABS work brilliantly with the meticulous crafting and sophistication that is the signature of all Trak Racer cockpits.


While the FS3 is still a relatively new product, it’s popularity is growing rapidly and more and more resellers are gaining an interest. As of today, the FS3 Wheel Stand is available in Australia, United States and Canada and South Korea. This year will see the product in as many as 5 European countries, UK and more.

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