Introducing the Trak Racer TR8 PRO

Author: Matt Sten  

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The TR8 PRO will be an upgraded version of the TR8, at a higher price point. We will continue to stock the Previous TR8 and sell alongside the TR8 PRO. For 3 years now, the TR8 was the King of Sims. It ticks all of the boxes for a Sim Rig that assembles in 30-60 minutes. It's Strong, Adjustable, and has an Integrated Monitor Stand.In the usual Trak Racer way, we gathered customer feedback from over 10,000 TR8 owners. Thanks to your feedback, we introduce the TR8 Pro.

Arriving during November 2021, the TR8 PRO, introduces several improvements to the TR8 we have all grown to love.


Strengthened Pedal Plate

The TR8 PRO has been improved to withstand up to 180kgs of braking for force without flex. We have also added pre-drilled mounting points for more new pedal sets on the market and the slide function on the TR8 remains - so you can get those pedals exactly where you need them!


More Adjustable and Strengthened Wheel Mount

We have added a wheel mount slider to the TR8 PRO to give you 130mm forward and back adjustment with the use of proprietary ball-bearing-assisted sliders. We have also strengthened the 2" tube to withstand up to 30nm direct drive steering wheel torque without flex.


More Adjustable and Strengthened Left or Right Side Shifter Mount

The shifter mount has been strengthened by increasing the thickness of the mount and also the plate on the simulator that it mounts to. We have even added mounting points to enable the shifter mount to move forwards and back.


Complete Overhaul of Integrated Monitor Stand 

The integrated monitor stand will become optional and now has height adjustment for the monitor, and also forward and back adjustment. The complete design has been improved to provide a more rock-solid mount. 


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