About Trak Racer

Why choose Trak Racer?

Since 2008 Trak Racer have been designing high-end gaming accessories. Trak Racer products are made from high quality material and durable construction that gives Trak Racer the confidence to offer lengthy warranties on Trak Racer products. 

From extensive research in the fields of both track racing and game simulation Trak Racer understand the importance of great design, cutting-edge engineering and what you need to get an edge over competition. We believe Trak Racer’s products in a sense complete gaming where others have failed by providing not only something that functions well, but becomes a furniture showpiece in any room, office or showroom. The extensive design that goes into each product ensures a ergonomic design with unsurpassed comfort.

Trak Racer pay close attention to providing a finished product without the hard sell to purchase additional items like gear shift mounts (if applicable), hardfloor rubber protectors and so on. Trak Racer stand for providing products that are highly compatible with both consoles and game peripherals so you won’t be stuck in future when future products are released. 

At Trak Racer we don’t focus on building the cheapest, lightest and basic product. We focus on using the best materials possible and save money by improving our processes to keep the cost down so our customers receive products with great value for money that won’t look like a home-made DIY product.


Trak Racer History Lesson

You know the feeling when a product lets you down. ‘I could have designed this better myself', you think. Enter Trak Racer. 

Frustrated by the premium asking price of unattractive and flimsy pieces of twisted metal (with a racing seat) also known as a game simulator, Matthew Sten (Co-founder and designer at Trak Racer) sat down and began sketching what his dream gaming simulator would look like. These unrealistic initial sketches drew on inspiration from items like high-end furniture design to the chassis of the world’s most expensive super cars.

Initial designs were refined before consulting with specialists in industrial design as well as steel fabricating engineers to discover the most realistic range of designs.

Trak Racer's first product, the RS8 saw over 2 years of development, several design forms and numerous design registrations before heavy investment in tooling took place and the first mass production run followed shortly after in August, 2010.

During the design process Trak Racer made comprehensive improvements to the quality of materials used and manufacturing processes so that the driver can truly experience the pleasure of game simulation.

The result is a break-through in computer gaming that addresses key features that a true simulator must have including a solid and stable construction, compatibility with the world's most used gaming peripherals including Logitech, Thrustmaster, Logitech, DSD products and more, left, or right-hand gear shift mount and finished off with a premium designed and a race-style seat supported by a fibre-glass back and seat slider.

Trak Racer's core business now lies in the design, engineering, development and production of premium quality and fit-for-purpose game simulators; game simulators that are not only designed to function as a true-to-life simulator should, but simulators that will stand the test of time and become a talking point of anyone's home, office or showroom. 

With growing global demand for our products we have now partnered with companies in the UK and United States and seek new partners to service clients from over 65 countries that visit our website on a weekly bases. 

Trak Racer to date have supplied over 4,000 products for not only home users but also professional drivers from several of the world's leading racing leagues. 

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Trak Racer's Vision
As we have done in the past, we will continue to develop and launch ground breaking products that set new benchmarks. 


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Date Posted: 19 October 2015  

Author: Matt